webstorefrontStandard Edition: 50

The final version of the game, made possible by our backers on Kickstarter. All the cards will be illustrated, and redesigned for easier play. This version is finished, and will ship within a week of your order.


A revised version of many trick cards has been released!

Spell too real dream

Buy Revised Tricks pack here!

Kitsune tshirt 4 copy (1)

Click the above image, or this link, to get fancy T-shirts and other merch featuring art by a variety of talented people and our Kitsune& characters!

Kitsune is currently carried in the following store locations:

Arkham House Games in Cincinati, OH

Foam Brain Games in Troy, NY

Gamer’s World
Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, IL;
Fox Valley Mall in Aurora, IL;
Hawthorne Mall in Vernon Hills, IL;
Yorktown in Lombard, IL;
Vernon Hills, IL;
Harlem-Irving Plaza, Norridge, IL.

Chimera Games in Appleton and Fond du Lac, WI

The Game Knight in Aurora, IL

The Gaming Goat in Schaumburg, IL and Naperville, IL

Games Plus in Mount Prospect, IL

Pegasus Games in Madison, WI

The Source Comics & Games in Minneapolis, MN

Universe Games in Minneapolis, MN

And many others – ask in any local game store! These are just the stores we have personally partnered with; the game is in standard distribution channels so you can get it anywhere in the USA at least. If you’d like to see our games carried at your local game store, you can help us make that happen! Let them know you’d like it, and they can order it through Studio 2 Publishing, or inquire with their distributor. You can also contact us, and we’ll talk to your local game store to see if they’re interested in carrying the game.

To order by mail, mail this order form to Diamond Dust Dreams, Inc., PO Box 1425, Warrenville IL 60555 with a check for your order amount in USD. E-mail us at elderkitsune@kitsunecg.com with a copy of your order form to confirm your order, so we can match it to your mail order.