Here are the rules and cards for Kitsune: Of Foxes and Fools! You can download just the rulebook, or the entire game (though this is a very large file).

The Fox Kit Rules are a set of Quick-Start rules which you will find very helpful the first time you play. We recommend using them to ease your learning process with the game.

Feel free to print and play the game with you wish (under the terms of the Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution-NonCommercial license); and if you ever meet any of our kickstarter backers, remember to thank them for this opportunity to try the game for free. If you like the game, please head over to our store page, and buy a higher quality copy!

A group of fans has also created an annotated rules document which may help clarify the rules if you’re having any trouble with them. We also have the FAQ which may help. Please feel free to check it out and comment!

We have revised several of the cards from their printed versions, for balance and clarity purposes. You can download the revised versions here:


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