Kitsune (pronounced kit-soo-nay) are Japanese fox-spirits, known for tricking unwary mortals. We’ve come to know them through traditional tales, wherein they do this for many reasons: purely for fun, to devour mortals or steal their souls, and so on. In this a game of luck and tactics, those who gain all nine tails of the mythical spirit fox earn their place among the kitsune elders.

This card game is about kitsune who play tricks while scheming to punish mortal fools for their foolishness, sometimes teaching them a lesson in the process. By correcting mortal foolishness, the foxes earn their tails. Each player takes the role of a fox trying to earn his or her tails through impressive schemes. Some cards represent the foxes; others, the tricks they can play in their schemes, the fools to whom they must teach lessons, and the consequences that befall foxes who fail.

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9 Tailed Edition Update

Head over to the Kickstarter page to read the good news – the 9 tailed edition is getting back on track!

Convention season 2015.

The Diamond Dust Dreams, Inc. team is headed to a number of conventions this season. In just two days we’re headed off to Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio. There will be discounts on both our games, and demos of