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Hello everyone! Yesterday the project ( http://kck.st/1ExG8sx ) funded successfully – Bad Decisions will be made, you can count on that!

These next couple of days are your last chance to get in on the kickstarter rewards – which means your last chance to have input on what the finished set looks like! Your suggestions and votes determine the theme of the finished set – and at $50 or more, you can design specific cards, and if we make $15000, you’ll get the stretch goal reward: a Bad Decisions T-shirt!
So, if you haven’t pledged, now’s the time, because you know you’ll get your game. If you have pledged, thank you so much! You’re the reason we’re successful already! Grab a friend who hasn’t, and get even more rewards by bringing them into the fold with you. Bad Decisions are better made together, right? Play with them at baddecisionscg.com and take this last chance to get them in on the kickstarter action.
Thank you all so much for your support so far,
– Ian Price
Elder Kitsune of kitsunecg.com and Out of Touch Top Executive of baddecisionscg.com