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First, watch this video!

Next, you can do one of these:

1) Download the game from our Downloads page. You can print and play your own prototype edition with the PDF we currently have live.

2) Order from our Store page – you can get a prototype shipped now, or pre-order the standard or limited editions. You’ll get a professionally printed copy of the game, and support us so we can keep making it. If you order the limited edition, it’ll be longer until it’s ready, but it will be extremely nice: special art, dice, tokens, the works.

3) Come join us at a convention! We’ll be attending several in the upcoming months:

FurSquared in Brookfield, WI on Feb 27-March 1.

KitsuneKon in Appleton, WI on March 21-23.

Chi-Fi in Chicago, IL on March 29th.

CODCON in Glen Ellyn, IL on April 4th-6th.

Gateway FurMeet in St. Louis, MO on April 18th-20th.

Anime Central in Rosemont, IL on May 16th-18th.

In June we’re taking a break, and if all goes to plan, rolling out the standard edition of the game for retail sale! Then, you’ll see us at both Anthrocon and CONvergence on July 4th weekend. Again, if all goes to plan, you’ll be able to buy the game from vendors at the convention at these events!