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Things have gone more slowly and more quickly than I’d like at the same time. Isn’t that always the way life comes at you? Since we had the successful kickstarter, we’ve continued to go to conventions to teach people the game. You might have met us (or one or two of us at least) at MileHiCon, NekoCon, WindyCon, KollisionCon, Midwest FurFest, WolfCon, Anime Apocalypse, DaishoCon, or Midwinter Gaming Convention since then! However, we’ve also had some delays in the production pipeline: our artist got sick, and so we aren’t able to be done early like we wanted to be.

However, here’s what we have so far:




This is the new design for Trick cards. It’s mostly finished at this point, though it will go through some clean-up iterating once other designs are finished.


AngerDestroys copy


This person is having some issues with rage. If he’s not careful, he might become some kind of illustrative lesson.




This apple of discord is trouble for envious fools, or might be cast among rivals by an envious fox.


dream of revenge


The idea of a warlord triumphing over his enemies is beginning to take shape here.




Oh my. Just WHAT is that fox stuffing his face with?


falseriches copy


With some more detail it will soon be clear that this man is being showered in gold coins, not raisins.


favoriteFood copy


The fat slob can’t stuff this burger into his gob all the way, but he sure is trying to.


humility triumphs


Don’t worry Sadako, the bad priest is in for a nasty surprise!




This close up of the fat slob was disturbing enough, but now I notice his eyes. Who knew gluttony could be so scary?


kitsuneplaymate copy


A little fox, who also sometimes takes the form of my hat.


mind your manners


No, April! That’s rude, even if your sister does fart!




Something figmentary is beginning to take form in this sketch.

There are other sketches which aren’t as finished as these, but hopefully now that the illness is passed we will get onto a faster cycle and get them all done soon. Once everything’s ready, we’ll put text on the new cards, and release the images to the public so you all can check our proofreading. If there’s one thing we’ve learned at conventions, it’s that you all are smart – you’ll catch typos and confusing wordings and card interactions which we never would.

Your next chances to meet the foxes and fox game creators will be at Fur Squared in Brookfield, WI on the February-March transition weekend. Following that, we’ll be at KitsuneKon in Appleton, WI on March 21-23. We hope to see you there!